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Machines-Accessories/Tools (CTS)

High grade Insulation Power Cable

All the machines used for cleaning job shall have sufficient length of Power Cable so that it can take care of the coach length while tapping electrical power from DG power supply generation & distribution system. The Power cable shall be of class-I insulation material and shall be duly protected mechanically so that wear & tear while daily handling shall not cause any leakage of current resulting into fatal consequences. It shall be double insulated for extra protection.


Back Mounting Arrangement

The back mounting arrangement shall be such so as to carry the weight of machine to be carried by Operators. It shall have Fiberglass flat surface to take care of operator back for comfort & support. Machine shall be held in strings of Aluminum wire. It shall have a clip arrangement for holding the machine in grip. The weight of arrangement shall not exceed 1 kg.


Quick Coupling arrangement for Toilet Tap

The Water required for cleaning shall be sourced from Toilet Tap with the help of especially designed Quick Coupling arrangement. The coupling shall be so designed that it can take care of all designs of taps connected in Indian Railways Coaches. It shall be leak proof to avoid any wastage of water in Toilets. It shall be lightweight, not more than 250 gms, and shall not take more than 15 seconds to fix.


Floor Mopper

Specially fabricated for Railway coaches to meet the width of Coach Aisle area (approximately 24 inches). The mop rubber shall be made of special type of sponge material (PVA) so as to absorb & retain at least 1 litre of water.  The length of the handle shall be at least 1 meter & made of mild steel or aluminum.


Window glass squeegee

It shall be made of Stainless Steel handle of preferably 10 inches length with highly durable rubber blade of size 45 cms having a locking arrangement for easier & faster removal for cleaning or replacement.


Special Cotton duster for glass cleaning

It shall be made of Khadi cotton with a size at least 48 cms x 48 cms.


Jute Cotton Duster for wash basin cleaning

It shall be made of 100% cotton jute with a size at least 45 cms x 45 cms.


Brushes for Toilet & Door Area Cleaning

The brush for Toilet cleaning shall be 50 cms long plastic / wooden handle having combined or mixed type bristle made of nylon & steel. Whereas the brush for Door area shall be made of only steel bristles with wooden handle of length 25 cms & width 5.5 cms.


Disposable bag for waste

Disposable bag is required for collection of waste & litter from Coaches & Dustbin of AC coaches & after collecting the same the bag shall be disposed off to nominated municipal bin. This bag shall be made of Milky white colour Polyethylene of a size 20” x 30” minimum & minimum 80 micron gauge. Anything less than this micron size will not be acceptable for environmental reasons. The polythene bag shall be printed with the name of scheme “Clean Train Station”, name of the contractor & the name of station necessarily.



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