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AC Coach Cleaning at Primary Depot

  1. The entire coach length shall be swept dry manually and all litter, dust & debris shall be collected in a polybags to be disposed off at nominated bin later.
  2. All ceiling panels should be wiped with a duster and all permanent stains/head grease, dirty spots of all interior paneling/ rexine / upholstery, metal beading, wall protectors, lavatory pans, wash basins, shutters, seats/berths, racks etc, should be cleaned with a duster dipped in detergent solution, wiped clean and dry.
  3. Aluminum chequered plate in doorway; corridors between lavatories should be cleaned with scrubbing machine.
  4. Vestibule area shall also be cleaned with the help of detergents.
  5. All grease should be removed and all windows, windowsills, shutters, etc, should be cleaned with wet duster. Muck and dirt, which gets collected in the corners should also be scrapped and cleaned.
  6. The window glasses should be cleaned with detergent solution and wiped dry with a Squeegee in such a manner that the glass should be transparent after cleaning.
  7. To remove dirt, stains due to coffee/tea, betel spittoon etc and clean the ceiling and floor of the coach.
  8. Dust bin from AC coaches should be emptied and cleaned with chemicals and rinsed.
  9. The magazine pockets should also be cleaned of rubbish and paper litter, If any.
  10. Side wall fittings including tumbler holder and small luggage racks should be cleaned.
  11. All varnish finished, painted or polish finished panels or laminated plastic panels should be dusted and dry cleaned. Oil stains or head stains, if any, should be cleaned either with mild detergent solution or cleaning fluid taking care not to affect the surface being cleaned.
  12. Electroplated fittings should also be dusted and, if required, cleaned with detergent solution and wiped dry.
  13. Cushions should be cleaned with a duster. Oil or head stains and dirty spots, if any, should be cleaned with mild detergent solution and wiped dry.
  14. All window sills should be cleaned with wet duster. Muck and dirt which gets collected in the corners should also be scraped and cleaned.
  15. The window glasses should be cleaned by detergent solution and wiped dry with a dry duster.
  16. The sliding and other doors should be wiped dry, the dust from the corners and ends cleaned and removed.
  17. Oil/head stains or dirty spots, if any cleaned with a duster dipped in detergent solution and wiped dry.
  18. The mirrors in the compartments should be cleaned with a duster and stains, if any, removed with detergent solution.
  19. The window panes shall be cleaned with glass cleaning agent and dried.
  20. Table tops in the compartment should be cleaned with cloth dipped in detergent solution and wiped dry.
  21. The floor and the corridor should be swept dry with brush banister and sweepings collected in a dust bin.
  22. Under no circumstances should sweepings be thrown on the washing line.
  23. Dust bins should invariably be carried to dust boxes placed at either ends of the washing line platforms for emptying. After dry sweeping, they should then be wiped; with wet sponge cloth.
  24. All stains should be removed by hard rubbing with the cloth dipped in detergent solution and a dilute solution of deodorant.
  25. Grooves of alarm chain handle along with the handles should also be cleaned well.
  26. In case of AC coaches, waste paper basket, etc., should be emptied into a dust bin and cleaned. Almirahs, hangers, stools, side tables, loose cushioned arm rests, foot rest, etc., should be cleaned with a duster and polished items/panels should be touched up where required.
  27. The carpets should be brushed once a month, carpets should be aired in open, preferably in sun, and dusted outside. Before they are replaced, the floor should be swept and thoroughly cleaned.
  28. The wash basins in the compartments should be cleaned with effective detergent and wiped dry.
  29. It should be ensured that the drain hole and the drain pipe are clear and water drains out speedily and smoothly.
  30. All Brass and electroplated fittings should be cleaned and metal polished where necessary.
  31. The floor of the coach should be scrubbed with floor scrubber and all wet muck shall be picked up with vacuum cleaner to leave it clean & dry.
  32. The vestibule area shall be washed with HP jet and cleaned thoroughly with brushes to remove all deposits. It shall be sprayed with phenyl for hygiene feeling.
  33. In the end, all windows should be closed and approved brand of insecticide/flit oil should be sprayed in the coaches. The doors of the compartments should be closed.


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