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Cleaning of Lavatories at Secondary Depot

  1. For cleaning door and side walls above waist level should not be hosed with HP jet water, but should be thoroughly cleaned in detergent solution taking care that no water goes in to the mirrors.
  2. The sidewalls below waist level and the banjo shutters should be hosed with water and thoroughly cleaned.
  3. All dirty spots should be removed with the use of detergent like soft detergent solution. The ceiling and the sidewalls should thereafter be wiped dry.
  4. Any scribbling available on lavatory panels should be removed.
  5. The mirrors should be wiped with a dry duster and if necessary, cleaned with detergent solution and again wiped dry.
  6. Washbasins should be cleaned with detergent powder and wiped dry with a duster.
  7. The lavatory floor should be first scrubbed washed clean with a broom and water.
  8. Indian style commode pans should be cleaned with detergent. All stains or dirty spots on the stainless steel pan should be removed with diluted acid and immediate flushing with profuse quantity of water to remove all traces of acid.
  9. The European style commode should also be washed with diluted hydrochloric acid and flushed well with water.
  10. The plastic commode seats and covers should be washed with detergent solution and wiped dry.
  11. The wooden seats and covers after washing and drying should be polished.
  12. The commode chutes should be cleaned with a circular brush throughout its length.
  13. Disinfectant solution should be sprayed in the lavatories.
  14. In case of Air-conditioned coaches, plastic curtains should be cleaned and detergent containers filled with liquid detergent. Pine oil or room freshener should then be applied / sprayed.


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