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On-Board Housekeeping Services - (NZM model) ::

But despite having done a thorough job at maintenance depot, the train will become dirty again after 3 to 4 hours due to consumption behavior of traveling passengers. Need for On-Board Services for housekeeping was always a latent demand which got awakened in the minds of passengers with invent of clean train stations on enroute journeys.

The “product” was designed and conceptualized by us under private branding of Eureka Forbes Limited in 2007 and later we implemented & developed this service design as a high end “service product” in southbound Rajdhani trains in 2008.

The product was developed only for the consumption of passengers traveling in reserved class coaches having vestibule. The coaches shall be attended throughout the journey as per specified frequency from 0600 Hours to 2200 Hours. This product was developed as a replacement of Clean Train Station scheme in the longer run.

  • One Janitor complete with tools & materials is deployed to attend to 3 coaches i.e. 3 coaches connected together forms a workstation.
  • The Janitorial staff is given proper tools and cleaning agents including toiletries for housekeeping. A high pressure nozzle was especially developed for this scheme that is used for cleaning toilets.
  • AC coaches are fitted with modern automatic dispensing units such as Auto Janitor fitted in every toilet flush system, 3 micro timed fragrance buster inside coaches as deodorant, liquid soap dispenser on every wash basin, hand towel on every toilet, personal seat covers for western type commode, tissue paper dispensers as toiletries.   
  • The frequency of cleaning toilets is determined and service is also delivered on-demand.
  • The staff ensures that all the toiletries are replenished as & when they go empty.
  • 1 Executive Housekeeper is deployed to supervise the work throughout the journey and obtain feedback from passengers.
  • The duty hours is decided based on the train journey and emphasis is given to sanitize all the toilets before 0530 hours once and thereafter after every 2 hours till it reaches back to its originating station.
  • The garbage/litter is collected from coaches in 2 different polybags duly earmarked as bio-degradable and non-biodegradable then disposed off at those enroute stations where halting time is 5 minutes or more.
  • The performance is verified by passengers through their feedback. At least 4 (Four) passengers per coach per round trip of the train is taken for analysis of service quality and grading.
  • Payment is made on monthly basis for each round trip of a train and is linked to passenger satisfaction index calculated for total feedback responses both AC & Non AC coaches.
  • The final payment is calculated per round trip basis and amount is an average of total passenger satisfaction index from no. of feedback obtained.
  • Penalty for work not done satisfactorily is imposed as per following rule:
          Average PSI 
          < 60% 40% of per train rate shall be deducted
          61% to 75% 30% of per train rate shall be deducted
          76% to 85% 20% of per train rate shall be deducted
          86% to 100 Full payment shall be made

This product is denoted with an arrow showing forward directions () indicating train is running in forward direction. The colour fill is brick red which indicates passion, which became our way of life for Indian Railways. This was the third “service product” designed by us for Indian Railways.

Today, Mechanical Directorate of Railways refers their works contract as CTS, OBHS and DRC which are coined by us and are our intellectual property rights. They also use our registered mascot in their spreading awareness amongst all as synonym to cleanliness. Most of the railways have started outsourcing these services through tendering system and there are too many interested parties for service delivery.

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